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Photo of Sebastien and Laurence
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Note: I think everyone has seen this before, but just because I am uploading too many pictures of Bouvier family
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Photo of Lachelle, Lennon and Soren shared by Pierre on his personal Instagram
"I’ve always been a little reluctant to share my personal life online. I’m not sure why but I guess I felt I needed to protect my loved ones, but lately I’ve realized that I don’t really care if people know who my wife is, or what my kids look like. There’s no real threat and if I don’t share that part of my life, then I’m not really sharing who I am and that’s kinda boring…. So on that note… Get ready to enter my life. The real me. And get ready to be bombarded with cuteness cause my girls are cute as hell."
— Pierre Bouvier on his personal Twitter (via californiaetquebec)
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State Of Origin 
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Photo of Pierre and Lachelle 
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Benji and Joel in Jude Law and a Semester Abroad
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Happy #CanadaDay ! -Pierre